Award Leisure sell an exclusive product that focuses on the hydrotherapy experience for the customer. With huge amount of jets and exclusive technology, Award Leisure Franchisees sell a product that no one else can offer. The benefits of hydrotherapy attract such a wide consumer base ranging from 18-80+ years old! For both mental and physical well being, a hydrotherapy hot tub is the all in one package. Read more below on hydrotherapy and the benefits it has! 

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People have used hydrotherapy for centuries. Despite of this, many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of hydrotherapy and are not aware of how hugely beneficial it is for health and well being.

The warm water, the different massage jets and the buoyancy offers a truly breath-taking experience for Award Leisure customers. See below the top 3 benefits from regular use of a hydrotherapy hot tub.

A wide range of massaging jets offer a number of soothing remedies to relax muscles aches and pains. With deep tissue volcano massaging jets to small shiatsu nodules, a full hydrotherapy experience is possible with the wide ranging jet features. Regular massage treatment to sore and achy muscles is really important to the long term impact of performance and well being.

The buoyancy of the hot tub relieves the stress on your joints helping with arthritis and inflammation. Being submerged in water creates more resistance and eliminates gravity meaning hot tub users will engage more muscles that they would not normally use. Regular use of a hydrotherapy hot tub or swim spa had been proven to help treat arthritis and joint pain.

The chemical balance and warmth of the water has multiple physical and mental health benefits. Regular use will not only promote weight loss but will lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The mental health benefits are just as effective, from an increased mood from endorphins being released to stress relief!

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