In recent years, the customers experience has become the number one most important thing with modern businesses. Especially within the leisure industry, companies are now recognising more than ever how crucial it is to have satisfied customers. However some businesses are learning the hard way…last year United Airlines had a brand crisis in $1.4 billion in value was wiped overnight after a passenger’s poor experience went viral on social media.

86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. The more luxurious and expensive the products, the more willing they are willing to pay for a more premium service. What is customer experience? It is your customers perception of how your business treats them. These perceptions affect their behaviours and build memories and feelings to drive their loyalty.

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Award Leisure pride themselves on 5 star customer service and experience. All stores and franchisees incorporate multiple ways of maintaining a premium standard of customer experience from the customers first visit to the showroom to the products being installed int their gardens.

Clear and accurate marketing is a huge part of the customers journey and helps build an honest foundation between the customer and the business. As an Award Leisure Franchisee you will receive full marketing and online support by a head office team. Being part of a nationally recognised brand is hugely beneficial, from attracting a wider range of customer to less risk for the retailer.

Another really important factor to the customer experience is the information that is kept and maintained throughout the customers time with the business. With 9 out of 10 businesses competing mainly on customer experience, it’s the organisations that take customer experience seriously that will stand out from the noise and win loyal customers over. One thing is for sure, in order to deliver a positive experience, you have to know your customers better than ever before.

All Award Leisure stores use multiple CRM systems and processes to maintain unique and personal relationships with customers to ensure everything is done to make the buying process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Brand consistency is also incredibly present at all Award Leisure stores; its imperative customers receive the same information from every store.

Are you interested in a franchise opportunity? Do you want to become your own boss but not sure how? The Award Leisure Franchise opportunity is perfect for you. Sell luxury goods to exclusive individuals and live the leisure lifestyle! To find out more visit the below links.  – hot tub retail franchise market statistics – buying a retail franchise case study – award leisure hot tub retail franchise model – contact award leisure franchise for information on buying a retail franchise

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