Looking to buy a franchise but don’t want to buy at the wrong time? Look no further, the best time is right NOW! This is the prime time to become an Award Leisure Franchisee.

In the franchise industry the busiest time of year is September to January, people come back from summer holidays and Christmas breaks and are looking for something…new, a change of direction.

They don’t want to go back to work in the new year or after a holiday punching the same clock in a job they don’t feel passionate about. Holidays and family time approach quick and pass even faster. This time of year people are evaluating their lives and making new year resolutions to improve themselves. 

Although Award Leisure sell a large quantity of hot tubs in the summer months when the sun starts to shine, the winter period is often a really busy time of year for the business. The summer spike in sales is due to customers spending a lot more time in their garden space and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. However, Christmas and winter months are when customers realise exactly what they are missing out on, a hot tub for a cosy night with a partner or family looking up at the stars surrounded by the brisk winter air.

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During these winter months is also when customers go on holiday and stay in lodges, they experience the bonus of owning a hot tub. During the Christmas period is by far the busiest time of year for installations and servicing. This is the case of all our stores in 2019 and we expect 2020 to reach new unprecedented highs. Becoming an Award Leisure Franchisee this time of year would mean you would be equipped to pick your showroom location and set up your business ready and in time for the summer months and in time for you to experience the full season starting from the new year.   

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is one that does require you to think about different factors. Are you financially ready? Can you dedicate enough time in the business? Have I got the skills to run a business?

These are all things that Award Leisure will help and support you with from the start and continuously. Ultimately, in other industries there are certainly benefits to starting your business during a particular period of the year but in the leisure industry this isn’t the case.

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself and actually make the leap.  

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