Step forward the women of Award Leisure, working in the male dominated world of the outdoor leisure industry.

Award Leisure not only promote equal opportunity for women in business, but we also rely on their expertise and knowhow to achieve our massive successes. So far in 2021 we are 40% up on sales compared to 2020, we have seen huge interest for the Award Leisure Franchise Opportunity with our new franchise coming on board within few weeks.

Who would have thought that a year ago when the world was turned upside down by COVID, that it would be possible for a business to successfully execute a plan for growth – BIG growth!

Jessica Anthony QFP has played a huge role in franchising the Award Leisure opportunity, with the support of her sister Charlotte Anthony.

Jessica’s role within the business over the last 12 months shows the progression possible for women in business. From a Franchise Development Manager to the General Manager of Award Leisure. The glass ceiling should no longer exist or be a stigma in business for females in today’s society, and at Award Leisure – it doesn’t exist!

‘’We are excited to be driving the business forward and being at the forefront of the business growth’’ – Charlotte Anthony.

At Award Leisure we have an employee ratio of 50% females. We encourage and empower women in our business and allow equal opportunities across all sectors. Women are essential to the success of our operation. We have equal % of both females and males in Management roles, that’s well over the UK average of 29% females holding a senior management position. – 7/08/2019.

What makes women right for business? The real question should be…what doesn’t?

Studies have shown over the last 10 years that women have superior communication skills, are key net-workers and less prone to financial failure, which is a brilliant quality to have as a business owner. These are traits that are perfect for becoming a franchisee.

The percentage of women who own their own franchises has risen by 50% in the last 5 years…we want this to increase.

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