What is Ichthyosis?

Ichthyosis is a skin condition, a continual and widespread scaling of the skin; also appearing dry and uncomfortable. It can be inherited at birth or acquired at some point during your life. There are more than 20 types of ichthyosis and they range from mild to extreme rare cases.

Some forms of ichthyosis persist through life, although symptoms may become milder as time goes on. 

Many people with this struggle with the appearance of this condition and receive, what seems like, hostile and unsympathetic remarks/comments from others they see at school or walking down the street etc. Many people may stare and this makes those suffering feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

As of yet there isn’t a cure for this condition, only ways to manage the symptoms, these include: regularly and intensively using moisturisers to soften the skin up as much as possible and bathing for long periods of time in certain things.

Meet Jack!

Jack is a young boy who has a rare case of ichthyosis, although you wouldn’t tell with how energetic and happy he seems! Jack and his family have held many events and fundraisers to make people aware of the condition. A huge project which is taking place for Jack and his family, is a home extension, adding another room on the side of their property to host a hydrotherapy bath (MicroSilk Aruba) sold by ourselves at Award Leisure. The hydrotherapy bath aims to help Jack’s skin condition and comfort, as well and improve Jack and his family’s daily routine and lifestyle.

Currently Jack spends over 2 hours, twice a day in a bath. This takes up a lot of his social time and family time. The idea of having a Micro Silk bath is to help soothe Jack’s skin by adding moisture and reducing risk of infection. The Micro Silk bath aims to increase Jacks health and bath time experience!


How does it work, I hear you ask? It all starts with the bubbles… Oxygen-rich microbubbles which are 50 to 100 times smaller than regular air bubbles! Individually the microbubbles penetrate gently into the pores for deeper cleansing, while also adding moisture that plumps the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening, and improving the skin. 

When the microbubbles collapse in the water, they release heat energy, which helps maintain a consistently warm bathing experience. Most importantly, as these little gems implode, they release negative ions- known to improve serotonin levels and fight free radicals.

Key benefits:

  • Softer younger looking skin
  • Increased oxygen levels, which improves circulation and respiration.
  • Improved serotonin levels
  • Penetrates the pores and removes impurities, leaving you with the feeling of having a facial but all over your body!
  • Stimulates the immune system promoting healthier skin and healing
  • Advances collagen leaves
  • Improves sleep

How Award Leisure are helping…

We have provided Jack and his family one of our micro-silk hydrotherapy baths, the idea of the bath is that the micro-silk will help ease and gradually improve Jack’s condition.

We have recently been to visit Jack and his family to see how his ‘Therapy bath’ project is looking. Both Jack’s parents; Danny and Julie were extremely welcoming and of course the little man himself; Jack, was lovely welcoming us with hugs. His fabulous cheeky, happy personality shining!

We are extremely honoured to be a part of his journey and so pleased we can help such an amazing cause! We wish them all the best with our Micro Silk tub, which we are sure will show benefits and improvements!

We shall update you on Jack’s story further into the development and once the bath is installed! Stay tuned…  





Jessica Anthony

Development Manager for Award Leisure Franchise; offering luxury hot tubs swim spas & outdoor leisure products.
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