For most people, especially in the beginning, being in sales is hard.

It is a skill that comes with dedication, experience and lots of practice.

You wouldn’t approach a sales pitch for a cheap, everyday item in the same way you would a high-end, luxury product. That’s why if you’re going to sell high-ticket items, you must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently close sales consistently. We’re going to show you what you need to know to be a pro high-ticket closer!

We are the UK’s leading Hot Tub & Swim Spa dealer with over 6 stores nationwide, but these 6 steps are vital for selling any high-priced product!

Sell any high-ticket product with these 6 steps.

#1 – Know your product.

Customers will always want to get the best deal for their money and will quickly lose faith that the higher price is worth it if you cannot articulate why paying more for your product is better. This is where it is vital that you know your product inside-out, so you can educate them!

By knowing the product well, you are more confident with this customer education, can easily answer questions and will quickly build trust with the customer.

High-ticket products are usually priced high for a reason. Many customers will see the high price and think they can buy that cheaper elsewhere.

And in most cases, they absolutely can.

There are always going to be cheaper alternatives to almost every high-ticket product out there. What you need to communicate to the customer is that it is a higher price for a reason, so why? What are the differences?

This will usually come down to several reasons:

  • The quality of the products and materials: How long are they guaranteed for? Will they need replacing?
  • The brand: heard of them before? Franchise, Nationwide? Multi stores?
  • The manufacturer: are they quality assured, where are they based?
  • Unique selling features: what makes this better and worth the extra?
  • Years in business: is the company a new start up or long-standing established business?
  • Does the product come with a service plan?

As a sales person, it is your job to overcome these concerns for the customer and to gain their trust; remove the obstacles to purchase and you’ll close the sale every time.

Remove the customers obstacles for purchase to make the sale.

#2 – Know your customer.

You’re selling a high-ticket product. It’s more than likely that serious customers will always be looking for an excuse to not trust you – they’re going to be spending a lot of money with you, you must build trust with them!

Treat all customers with importance and respect. They’ll be parting with their hard-earned cash and they want to make sure they are spending it right!

NEVER treat a customer like they cannot afford it – have you seen Pretty Woman? If not, sit yourself down and learn What Not to Do in Sales 101.

Treat every customer like a millionaire.

In the wise words of Grant Cardone: “treat everyone like they are millionaires and if they look like millionaires, treat them like they are billionaires.”

It’s also important to make conversation with all members in the party. If a husband and wife come in, address both. If they have children, a friend or other family member, always address everyone else.

Speak to all customer companions.


One: it’s just polite. No one likes to feel like they’re being ignored, regardless of the situation.

Two: If the customer has chosen that person to come with them, they are clearly a key influence and bring value to the customer that will ultimately be paying you. You must sell the product to both the customer and their companion that they’re spending money on a quality product!

#3 – Know your competition.

It is not just about knowing your product; it is also vital to know what the competition sell!

What are their unique selling features, how does your product compare? What benefits does your product have over theirs? It’s also a good idea to ask the customer where they are in the buying process? Have they been to anyone else? Find out exactly who you are up against.

how does your product compare to competitors?

#4 – Eliminate the competition.

By knowing who your competitors are, you can eliminate the low-quality ones. Competitors that sell an inferior product are not worth considering or comparing to you as they are not like for like.

Be careful not to slander any competitor, just educate the customer with your stronger sales pitch and high-quality product as to why it is better. By pitching this way, you are not putting your product up against ridiculously low prices for a product that doesn’t compare – and they will thank you for it later!

You can always warn the customers of the dangers for buying cheap and low quality, without calling-out any competitor. ‘Buy cheap, buy twice!’

eliminate the competition by educating on why your product is superior

#5 – Use a close.

If you have completed the 4 steps effectively, the customer should be enticed and interested in your product. The final stage is the price.

What is the best price? You don’t want the customer to go away and think about it. What is there to think about? If you have done your pitch well, you have just told them why your product is the best. By allowing your potential sale to walk out of the showroom and ‘think about it’, you’re giving them room for them to scope out the competition and they may never come back to you.

People only remember 20% of a conversation, so they will forget the majority of what you have said afterwards. If they do go away, make sure that 20% counts and you give them a reason to come back.

Your close must hook them in and make them want to come back. Steer away from being too dramatic and devaluing the product or contradicting your sales pitch. However, it needs to be big enough to make an impact and for them to commit to the sale today. Make the customer feel they are getting a deal.

use a sales close that makes the customer feel they are getting a good deal

#6 – Know when to shut up.

This is one of the most important things to consider when selling high ticketed products. Know when to STOP speaking and take the money! If the customer says yes and buys, stop talking! You’ve sold the product; you don’t need to carry on selling it!

Once they have said yes, write up the order and stop talking. Continue to make conversation, ask them what they have planned for the rest of the day, but the deal is done – do not oversell yourself.

A massive influence for our sales teams here at Award Leisure is Grant Cardone. He is a great public speaker which helps motivate and instil confidence in sales people, aiding better results for selling higher ticket price items. View his page for great tips!

Selling high ticket products really comes down to the confidence you have in yourself and the product you are selling. Learn everything you can about it and go into every sales pitch as though your customer can afford it. Your confidence is reassuring to your potential customer and you’ll find you close much more sales when customers feel comfortable and informed.

As an Award Leisure Franchisee, you’ll receive training from our expert sales team that are dedicated to selling the highest-quality Hot Tubs on the market today! Learn insider tips & the best techniques to educate, inspire, and ultimately sell your customers the Hot Tub of their dreams.

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Jessica Anthony

Development Manager for Award Leisure Franchise; offering luxury hot tubs swim spas & outdoor leisure products.
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