Being an ethical franchise is so important for potential franchisees and the brand you represent. Having potential franchisees that are well informed will allow them to make decisions that’s best for them and the current network. We want our franchisees to make informed calculated business decisions, not to be swindled into a business agreement and hoaxed into something which isn’t as it seems.

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At Award Leisure we believe there are 3 fundamental ethical principles that have to be practised in order to make an ethical franchise.  


Having full disclosure during negotiations offers full transparency into the business. Its important for the franchisor to ensure the potential franchisee has a clear understanding of the company ethos and the fees involved with the franchise. The potential franchisee also needs a clear cut appreciation for the day to day operations as a franchisee, so they aren’t entering into something they aren’t fully prepared for. At Award Leisure we offer all of our potential franchisee’s discovery days which allows them to get an understanding of what owning their own showroom will be like and a chance for them to see how the day to day operations are expected to be run like.  

BFA Membership / Industry Recognition

Being a recognised brand of the bfa does not ensure success. The only thing that can guarantee your success in business is hard work, ambition and a passion for your industry. However, being members of the British Franchise Association shows potential franchisees that they will be in a business environment that is approved by the benchmark governing body of British Franchise. At Award Leisure we are proud to be bfa members and we have even been nominated for prestigious awards such as the ‘emerging franchisor of the year 2019!’. Watch this short video and find out more about our exciting franchise opportunity here:

Proven Success

You need to have a proven track record of success. It would not be ethical to allow someone to become a franchise if the business isn’t turning over a healthy profit. There needs to be proof that the current business system works, and existing franchisees in the current network. Award Leisure have a successful franchise network which are all exceeding sales targets each year. This year has been the most successful year since the company began, with all stores across the UK beating their all time sales record! Our franchisees exceeded their first year’s sales targets by 50% meaning an increase in bottom line profit. Our franchise opportunity is a proven successful business model, if you are motivated and ambitious, you will succeed.  – hot tub retail franchise market statistics – buying a retail franchise case study – award leisure hot tub retail franchise model – contact award leisure franchise for information on buying a retail franchise

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