Try something new this year and make a difference! Are you looking for something exciting, profitable, and proven? The Award Leisure Franchise opportunity is the perfect business opportunity for you. We are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to follow the Award Leisure programme and be part of nationally recognised outfit. We are the biggest hot tub franchise in the UK today with lots of territories available!

Setting up a new business from scratch can be daunting, stressful and requires a lot of challenging work. The Award Leisure Franchise is a 100% proven turn-key strategy, providing business owners with comprehensive training in the company’s technical systems, retail strategy, sales methods, product knowledge, software applications, admin, and accounts to understand all aspects of the business and help develop their core competencies. This is to ensure every franchisee gains the knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities to be successful with the support and guidance from experienced mentors and industry experts.

More and more Britons are using their garden space to create outdoor living experiences such as, luxury hot tubs, fitness pools and associated products such as gazebos, pizza ovens, barbecue areas and summer houses making the industry worth over 4.2 billion pounds. 1 in 10 people now have a hot tub in their garden. There is no better time to drive headfirst into the Hot Tub and outdoor leisure industry – with an increased number of people spending time in their gardens and looking to add value to their home and family well-being. With many people working longer now than ever before, after a stressful day what can be better than a nice soak in your hot tub and a slice of pizza cooked from a woodfired Pizza Oven.

This Hot Tub franchise opportunity is unique to everything available on the market right now! Being part of the biggest Hot Tub franchise in the UK you can expect a return on your investment within year one! With profit margins over 40% across the entire Hot Tub range, the Award Leisure franchise strays from the norm.

New businesses are launching at an astronomical rate in the UK with 660,000 new start-ups registered each year. With 20% of these failing within the first year and a huge 60% failing by year five, compared to a huge 90% success rate for franchise start-ups – Award Leisure franchise can certainly support this latter figure with all of our stores across the UK exceeding sales targets year on year!

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