In business, there will often be times where you have to leave your comfort zone and try new things. Putting yourself out there is something a lot of people struggle with. Do you agree? If this is case and you do struggle with self-confidence, here’s a list of top tips to help build your confidence in business so it doesn’t hold you back any longer!


Making investments is inevitable as an entrepreneur; whether you’re investing in your company headquarters, your product range or your staff members.

The best investment is yourself.

If you lack confidence in public speaking or a specific skill such as using IT systems or you’re unsure how to best use marketing platforms such as social media. There are courses, talks and exhibitions as well as workshops you can do and visit to work on building confidence in these areas.

Building up confidence is often done over a long process so in the short term the best alternative would be to hire a professional to help and guide you with these areas. Another way to see guidance and build confidence is to implement a mentor in your life. This can be at a cost to you, someone who will charge on a consultation basis or maybe you have someone closer to home who would offer support and advice for free. Someone who you admire in a similar industry or field and you can pull on them when you need reassurance in decision making or leadership.

The reason for this is although it is important to acquire these skills for yourself you don’t want to hold your business back by neglecting it. Not only will this help your business, but you can learn and take advice from other like-minded characters.  

Invest in yourself to develop your skills

Confidence comes from competence

Confidence in business often comes from competence. If you’re running a successful business or you’re a manager of a successful team then you are more likely to be confident within yourself and your ability. Therefore, the next top tip is to strive for success. Sounds simple doesn’t it? This might seem like a basic piece of advice, but it works 100% of the time and is very effective. The world-famous boxer Mike Tyson once infamously said ‘success breeds confidence, confidence breeds success’ We agree completely!

By having confidence, you will enable yourself to achieve more and by achieving more you will give yourself more confidence. The best way to gain confidence in the first place is to not focus on it and to get over the fear of rejection. If you don’t fear rejection eventually you will find your breakthrough to being successful in something and the cycle will start. Finally, the best way to get this started is to make your first move. Instead of waiting for something to happen…make it happen! One of the biggest tricks that the mind plays on us when it comes to moving forward and progressing is feeling comfortable. Being comfortable will make you stagnant, your position won’t move, and you won’t grow.

Confidence comes from repeated success

Practice, practice and practice.

Confidence is part of who you are – it’s like a muscle, it needs constant training and practise to get bigger and better. Don’t treat confidence any different, constantly think to yourself in every situation ‘how can I show confidence right now?’.

This doesn’t have to be for a big decision it can be simple things such as replying to emails, talking to customers or even accepting an invitation to a networking or Franchise event. Little things like these act as a training programme for your confidence and will build it up over time, getting you ready to be more dominant and bold which you can use on a larger scale within your business. The more you practise this technique the more natural it will feel.

Practice to develop your confidence

By taking these confidence tips on board, you can venture out and be more successful within business; whatever stage you are at! Whether it’s training to become a manager, a business owner expanding your company or someone who is looking to transfer over to a new business. Slowly trying out these tips will help you achieve confidence within yourself.    

We support all our franchisees to develop any skills to build their confidence under the Award Leisure brand. We pride ourselves on the level of on-boarding, training and ongoing support we offer, helping our franchisees become the best versions of themselves.

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