Despite British weather stereotypes, luxury outdoor leisure goods are becoming increasingly popular with the hot tub industry booming year on year. Why are hot tubs so popular? Read below to find out!

All Season Products  

Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round and are actually better to experience in the winter months. With luxury hot tubs, they include a fully insulated shell meaning that its energy efficient and cost effective to run. It also encloses the heat meaning the water does not get cold when you take the cover off! During the summer months you are able to reduce the temperature and use the spa as a refreshing break from the sunshine.

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Hassle Free Maintenance

Hot tub and Swim spa hygiene has been made a lot easier to manage through new revolutionary technology. For example built in sanitation systems, automatic chemical balances and much more! Our franchisees offer a peace of mind service plan for all of their customers, this includes a service once a year and 2 free call outs. This service plan not only offer peace of mine to customers, but it also provides a consistent source of revenue all year round for franchisees.

Garden Spaces

Around 57% of homeowners say that they now use their garden primarily as a place of relaxation. The garden is now widely recognised as an extension of the home, where people can feel comfortable and make the most of their outside space. This can act as a private space, or a place to socialise – with many choosing to own their own pool or hot tub as an alternative a gym or spa membership. Your own home provides the privacy and total relaxation that you need to fully enjoy your hot tub experience.

Health Benefits

Hot tubs and Saunas have a huge variety of serious health benefits both physical and mental. To name a few, regular use of a hot tub or sauna Minimises Arthritis, Lowers Blood Pressure, Promotes Weight Loss, Releases Stress (both muscle and mental), Lowers Blood Sugar Levels. The consumer market for these products is huge ranging from 18-80 years old…yes really! 

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