At the start of 2020 nobody could have predicted the global pandemic happening, with a strong economic beginning to the year, the corona virus has impacts business across the globe. There is a huge amount of businesses that are facing really terrible losses during these difficult times and the most critical that a business can face during his time is the loss of employees. The employees of a business are the backbone, they ensure the day to day operations are carried out and that the business works like a well-oiled machine.  

See Award Leisure’s top tips to pull through this crisis! And to help keep your employees working during and after the pandemic.

Be Flexible – Each employee has different personal lives and requirements. During these crazy times, the management team should be fully aware of individual employee needs and be more generous and flexible when granting requests. For example staff with small children, allow them more flexibility when working from home. Small sacrifices that are made during these times will have huge long term benefits especially when it comes to employees.

Communication – When dealing with change or uncertainty in a business, always be transparent and clear with employees. During COVID-19, business have had to adhere to guidelines and new laws rapidly, during these changes its imperative that all employees fully understand their role and how they are contributing to the overall goal of the business.

Attitude – During the corona virus or not…a positive attitude towards work and life is absolutely essential. During these times there are plenty of reason to be doubtful or to have a ‘glass half empty’ outlook on things. However, its your duty as a business owner to ensure the workplace is not a source of discouragement for your employees.

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