The retail market has seen a huge fluctuation of ups and downs during the last few years especially in 2019. There are many external factors that are linked to performance of the retail industry, these include elements such as Brexit, Political Elections and Inflation. Despite this, in 2019 Award Leisure experienced yet another record breaking year, with all 6 stores across the UK exceeding sales targets, resulting in a new showroom opening in 2020. Our exciting franchise opportunity doesn’t rely on mainstream niches to be successful. Read our top 3 reasons why our luxury retail franchise opportunity is different to your standard high street store.

Higher Profit Margins & Conversion Rate

Award Leisure offer an elite Canadian and European built product portfolio that is exclusive to Award Leisure. We are the UK distributors of Coast Spas which means you won’t need to worry about any competitors selling the same product and driving your prices into the ground. Coast Spas are industry leading and head & shoulders above the competition in terms of quality. With lifetime guarantees and an amazing supplier relationship, you will experience 40% profit margins with an average ticket price of £8,300. We provide our franchisees with a support system that enables them to convert showroom visitors into customers. Adrian Lee is the owner of Award Leisure Cheshire, he states ‘everyone that comes into my showroom is looking to buy’. The in store story of the Award Leisure brand is the icing on the cake for our customers.

Niche Market & Growing Industry

Award Leisure targets consumers with disposable income, our hot tubs and garden leisure products are luxury goods that people dream of having to transform their patio into a true luxury outdoor haven. Despite this, the target market is extremely vast. For example the age groups of customers range from 20-80 years old. The products themselves not only offer a luxury leisure experience but they have very serious health benefits, this taps into yet another consumer base. People who suffer from arthritis, anxiety, insomnia or need physiotherapy are key customers for Award Leisure. The mainstream market trends of won’t apply to your business. Award Leisure offer flexible and affordable finance payment plans to suit all customer requirements. The leisure industry as a whole in constantly growing year on year – to read more about working in the leisure industry click here.          


Have you noticed how many shops open up on the high street and then disappear after a few months? Common retail franchises often can’t keep up with high street overheads. Our franchise opportunity doesn’t require a high street location, it requires a showroom setting. Therefor the running costs of your showroom are far less than the traditional retail business. With 30 years in the leisure industry Award Leisure have 6 UK showrooms, 2020 will see a new store opening in Cambridge, our biggest showroom yet! As a franchisee you can pull on the experience and knowledge of our in house team of industry experts to ensure you find the perfect location for your showroom. Eliminating any unnecessary huge overhead costs – Experienced, Efficient, Effective.

Make a change this new year and fulfil your dream of working for yourself. Join our nationally recognised brand and sell the luxury leisure lifestyle to your customer and operate out of your very own showroom. Visit the below material to find out more!  – hot tub retail franchise market statistics – buying a retail franchise case study – award leisure hot tub retail franchise model – contact award leisure franchise for information on buying a retail franchise

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