You’ve done your research and you’re looking for a franchise to buy into? But to be profitable within franchising you need to understand the standout characteristics identified within successful franchisees. Read below and see how YOU can be a successful franchisee!

We have identified key characteristics which our lucrative franchisees hold which we believe contribute to their success.

Ambition and Drive; this is so important when owning and running a business, without having passion and ambition for your business you will not be inspiring to others. Such as employees and clients. At Award Leisure we believe that due to our franchisees having a key interest in the market and are excited by the product portfolio, they thrive at what they do. Being your own boss means no one is going to push you more than yourself, this is only true if you believe in the concept and have a drive to succeed. Ambition is a characteristic that is shared amongst many successful franchisees.

Successful Franchisee Characteristics

No franchisor wants someone who has settled for their business. You need to have a long-term goal, a reason why you’ve chosen that business. Success in business is about setting goals and achieving them, and the secret to achieving them is hard work! All successful franchisees exhibit hard work. At Award Leisure our franchisees work hard in all areas of the business from managing employees to keeping their customers satisfied throughout their journey. When you buy into a franchise, you’re buying into a proven business model. The most important characteristic of a successful franchisee is the ability and willingness to follow proven processes and systems that franchisors have put in place. Buying into the proven systems of a franchise is only going to benefit you. The business model is there for a reason and by following it, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Finally…Ask for help! Taking advice from the people that surround you is really important to keep a balance within your business. Whether its from your franchisor, friends or family actually taking the time to receive honest advice is a common trait found in successful franchisee. Be honest throughout. A successful franchisee not only welcomes advice, but they give honest feedback to the franchisor. If you’re willing to ask for help when necessary, take on board advice and give honest feedback, then you’re setting yourself up for success.

How do your characteristics stack up to the ones found in successful franchisees? If you think you would make a passionate, hard working and honest business owner then consider an Award Leisure franchise and get in contact today. We offer ongoing support from your initial enquiry to setting up your very own showroom.


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