According to Forbes, nearly 543,000 new businesses are started every month.  Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting ventures in life. The franchise industry is constantly growing and more people each year are investing their time and money in themselves.

With a growing number of Entrepreneurs across the nation, we want to use our 35 years of experience within the leisure industry to give you some key quick fire tips to ensure your success. If you want to be a successful franchisee and reap the rewards of being an entrepreneur – Read Below!

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Understanding your goals as a small business owner is really important way to ensure your short term and long term success. As the franchisor, Award Leisure work with franchisees to create business models specific to the needs of that individual franchisee. Outlining quarterly, yearly and long term goals is a big part of this process because it gives Award Leisure franchisees something to work towards. These goals are not only financial but can include working within a bigger territory or even employing larger workforce.

Exceeding the customers expectation is the mission across all Award Leisure stores. Award Leisure Birmingham owner Simon Baggaley says ‘‘I love what I do, it’s the most fun I’ve had at work in 20 years’’. By following proven processes and taking the customers through their journey, you must exceed all expectations, providing a truly luxurious experience.  

Conducting research as a new business owner is a really important part of being successful. Benjamin Franklin famously said ‘’Failure to prepare is preparing to fail’’. With over 3 decades of experience within this sector Award Leisure are the UK distributors for Coast Spas meaning competitors across the UK are not able to offer the same products. We have soon to be 7 showrooms across the nation and are accredited by the BFA. All research regarding our franchise opportunity is already complete and continues to be reviewed and updated, this includes financials, competition, store location, territory, business model, product range and anything else you would need to be a successful franchise.

Focusing on your niche will dramatically improve the rate of growth for your business. As an Award Leisure franchisee your product range includes luxury leisure goods. Staying focused on the luxury leisure market will not only attract the right customers but will also improve your owns stores brand. 

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