Communication within a business is the key to success, wouldn’t you agree? Communication is at the core and front of everything that you’ll do when running a business as there are often so many moving parts involved. Read below on key communication techniques that are needed during these times and the impact they have!

Things often get a lot more difficult when employees are working from home. With advanced communication technology, it’s vital that you master the art of communicating with these workers so that your business can continue to operate and be successful. Award Leisure have introduced lots of new communication channels to ensure all employees and franchisees are up to date with the latest business news and the morale of the workforce and entire company is happy.

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More detailed and proactive management is needed during these strange times to ensure that clear goals/objectives are set for staff working from home. The impact this has is massive on the business and individual staff because the staff have something to work towards. Having a routine and clear goals is really important, not only for performance but also for the mental health of employees. It’s also key as a manager to set the standards of communication, for example speak with staff early in the morning and throughout the day. Award Leisure managers are doing this and seeing great results from staff during these unprecedented times.

Promoting collaboration and team work within your workforce is also really important. It’s important that managers throughout the business are promoting this team environment because it replicates the normal working environment for these staff members. There are numerous technical applications that staff can use to communicate, Award Leisure’s employees are working together on projects through skype, zoom and all the normal channels such as phone and email.

Socialise! Spend time with the team to talk about thing that aren’t work related. Working with people every day you create friendships, it’s important to get together to communicate and socialise with everyone from different departments that you may not be speaking to on a regular basis. Award Leisure have introduced weekly coffee mornings on Zoom which gives staff a chance to unwind and spend time together unrelated from work.

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