Buying a franchise offers the ability to become a business owner without the risk of buying an existing business or starting from scratch. If you’re wanting to become a business owner in 2020 and are looking for the perfect opportunity…look no further!

Becoming an Award Leisure franchisee enables you to buy into a nationally recognised brand and operate your own business using a proven system to ensure your success. The pros of buying a franchise are endless! Read below to find out why our franchise is the one for you.


As a franchisee your research is already done! You will be buying into a turn key operation meaning you can save time conducting market research and competitor analysis. Award Leisure have already done it for you, we are a BFA recognised franchise operation with 6 UK stores you can be certain we will set you up for success.

Strength In Numbers

Starting a business from scratch is not only a huge risk in today’s market but it gets even harder operating on your own. As a franchisee you have much more control when it comes to attaining product, third party services and materials. Award Leisure is the UK distributor for Coast Spas, a Canadian made industry leading product which a portfolio that is constantly growing. Read more about our products here and our new product ranges here! As a collective our franchise operation has tremendous buying power from suppliers compared to other sole businesses that often get unsatisfactory terms.

Showroom Selection

Picking the right location for your business is a really important section of the initial launch. As an individual business owner this responsibility will solely lye with yourself. However, as a franchisee you will be supported and guided by an in house team on industry experts to help you every step of the way. With 35 years’ experience in the leisure industry and with soon to be 7 showrooms nationwide, we know exactly what’s needed for a successful luxury leisure goods showroom.


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Franchisor Knowledge & Experience

See above the transition and growth of Award Leisure over nearly 4 decades within this industry. We provide our franchisees and all stores with expert training across all areas of the business. We are offering a turn key franchise opportunity that is proven to be successful across a range of territories in the UK. As a franchisor we provide our franchise network with the knowledge and skills that they wouldn’t receive if they started from scratch or bought an existing business. Because of this expert guidance and support our franchise opportunity offers a return on investment within year 1!

Unsure of how to move forward? To find out more visit our website or call and speak to a member of the franchise team – or 0808 168 1680.

To really see the in store experience of this franchise opportunity, book a no commitment discovery day and see the product range and our flagship showroom in all its glory. To receive more information email


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