Public speaking is a common fear…but if you want your voice to be heard then you need to find a way to overcome this barrier.

Do you want to be a powerful public speaker? Do you want to develop your career? See below our quick-fire tips to get your voice heard and conquer your fear!

Confidence is the core of your speech.

You not only need to feel confident; you need to portray yourself as confident in the topic you are talking about. An effective short-term way to increase your confidence is to set yourself up for success and to visualise exactly what you want. For example do the correct prep work before hand and put in the hard work ahead of time to be stress free the day of your talk.

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Engagement is key.

It’s important to understand that your speech is about the audience not you. You need to capture the interest of your audience and keep them engaged throughout the talk. Some really easy ways to do this are:

  1. Reduce the text – keep the text to a minimum, the audience doesn’t want to read…they want to listen.
  2. Use videos and images – explain your point through example videos and illustrations.
  3. Debate – promote the idea of the audience giving their opinion, create a debate from this and get different opinions on the topic.

Break up your talking.

Having regular pauses when talking not only makes your talk more enjoyable but it gives the audience time to actually think and evaluate what you’ve just said.

You can do this by having water and take regular sips to cleanly break up what you’re saying. Be punchy, say a point and then ask questions about it. This links to the above point about engagement, break up your text with videos or discussion, this increases engagements and spaces out what you are trying to say.

Using these quick-fire tips will not only help overcome your fear but to improve your skills as a public speaker and to make sure your voice is heard. Having this skill will develop you as a person but also as a professional. If you’re interested in other opportunities to develop your career then read through the material below and get in touch today.  – hot tub retail franchise market statistics – buying a retail franchise case study – award leisure hot tub retail franchise model – contact award leisure franchise for information on buying a retail franchise

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