Amongst the infinite rewards of being a business owner and your own boss, there are some factors that do need to be continuously managed and kept under control to ensure not only personal well being but the well being of the business.

One of these factors is stress management, are you an aspiring entrepreneur that is striving for greatness and success? If so, we are sure you will have experienced stress! We have listed a key essential tips and takeaways to help manage stress and ensure full well-being whilst aiming for the top and leading a successful enterprise.

Small things can quickly add up as a business owner so its important to be proactive and understand when big action is needed. Managing staff, checking that tasks and jobs are being conducted properly and efficiently as well as delegating to others can all add up to stress. Letting go of your business and ensuring other members hold the same standards and diligence to their work as you do can be tough. Taking back control of the business is a crucial step in removing stress from a situation. As a franchisee, here at Award Leisure you will be trained and supported through recruitment process of staff. Having this support team within your business means you are able to delegate with processes to follow and take smaller steps to relieve the stress and pressure off yourself as the business owner, whilst holding people to account and having systems in place to support when necessary.

All entrepreneurs surround themselves with support. This support needs to be both personal and professional, for example positive friends and family alongside an experienced franchisor and mentor. Award Leisure support franchisees continuously form the initial enquiry to opening a new showroom. An experienced mentor is a great way to receive great support and help to manage stress, this is because these mentors have already experienced stress and have a better understanding of how to deal with stress as a business owner.

The final essential tip to managing your stress is to defeat procrastination by understanding and knowing what needs to be done first. Take breaks away from your business by going on a walk, spending time with family, take time to exercise. By taking these breaks and switching off from the business, you’ll come back to work feeling refreshed. Having this clarity will not only make you a more productive entrepreneur but it will help you feel more in control of the day to day operations, therefore helping you manage stress factors. It’s common for business owners to take breaks when they feel they have hit a wall, taking this time apart from the business will most likely result in your coming back and tackling an issue from a different angle.

Small business owners are wearing 100 hats at a time and doing 100 different tasks at a time. As an Award Leisure Franchisee, you will receive continued support and training meaning you manage the stress that comes with being your own boss. To find out more about owning your own business and becoming an Award Leisure franchisee click the links below!  – hot tub retail franchise market statistics – buying a retail franchise case study – award leisure hot tub retail franchise model – contact award leisure franchise for information on buying a retail franchise


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