Effective communication between yourself and your employees takes effort and isn’t a quick process. However, as a business owner or manager, this is something you should be striving for. Read below on our top tips to become an excellent communicator!

Consistency and Time Management

The easiest way to build a relationship and have effective communication with your employees is to put aside time throughout the week to meet and catch up. For example, every Monday morning set aside 30 minutes to work with your employees in person to create a plan of action. This way your employees will feel valued and will perform a lot better. A recent study shows that 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing feedback and regular check ins with your employees is key to business success. Having your employees feel valued is a great asset for a business to have, would you agree?

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Supportive Culture

As a business owner you need to lead by example, it’s up to you to set the standards. Demonstrating to your employees that you have an open-door approach signals that they can communicate with you through all forms of communication, for example face to face, email or by phone. By having this approach and work ethos it pushes your staff to have more communication with one another. Be present in the business often enough so you make yourself approachable, being a familiar face makes it more probable that your employees will communicate with you using more than one channel.

Honest Feedback

To build effective communication channels with your employees you must be honest with your feedback and your employees must also give you honest feedback on your leadership. If employees are not comfortable speaking openly then implement a system, such as having a comments or feedback jar which you can take time once a week to address any issues which may be too uncomfortable to communicate on a one to one basis. This not only invites communication but also helps the teams moral as they will see their feedback and opinion are valued and welcomed within a business.  

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Do you consider yourself to be a good communicator? Be consistent, be supportive and be honest. You will be able to communicate more effectively and get the most out of your employees.

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