The positive impacts the lock-down has had on franchising.

With 44,000 franchises in the UK, COVID19 has had a huge impacts on franchisees and the economy as a whole. Both franchisors and franchisees have moved mountains in a short amount of time to keep their businesses alive and to support their business and employees. Lots of business owners have had to innovate and discover better and more efficient ways of doing things. See below the top positive impacts the lock down has had on the franchising industry and community.

Better business models

The majority of businesses across the nation have had to alter and amend their business model to cater to the government regulations and change in industry since the start of the pandemic. By doing this, new income streams and revenue can be made both short and long term. For example some food franchisees have done delivery services that they didn’t offer before the lock down. Some fitness franchisees have been doing live sessions via zoom with members so they can still keep customers engaged. Award Leisure franchisees have put more emphasis on chemical deliveries to help customers keep their hot tubs safe during these difficult times.

New outlook on franchising

One of the biggest reasons for investing in a franchise is the support scheme franchisees receive form the franchisor. Throughout the COVID19 pandemic franchisors across the nation have been going above and beyond to help their franchise network in any way possible. Since the success of the franchise operation is dependant on the success of the franchise network, there is a real community spirit.

Team building and bonding

Industry leaders, franchisors and franchisees have all being turning to zoom and other live meeting outputs for the latest information and news that can help benefits business owners during this time. Video conferencing has been present for many years however, no more than ever it is being used by all medians. Less formal conferences are also being held within the industry to come together and work as a team to help everyone through this time. Things such as coffee morning, creative happy hours and other themes are being used to help bond people in the franchise community.

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