Now more than ever, ensuring the workplace is a safe and sanitised space for employees and customers is crucial. Introducing new policies during these times and communicating these will all staff members is a great way to make everyone feel safe and reduce stress.

During these difficult times Award Leisure have had to adapt to new environments and regulations to support and protect everyone from the customer to franchisees. See below Award Leisure’s top things to introduce to your workplace.

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Implement Social Distancing – The 2 metre rule is now a part of society as a whole and will be for some time. Award Leisure have introduced floor stickers in showrooms to help customers maintain social distancing. As well as this, having signs and separate waiting areas for customer is really important, especially on the weekend when showrooms get typically busy, its important only a regulated number of customers are in the showroom at one time. Another way to enforce this is to move furniture and put in place visual reminders.

Hand Wash Stations & Sanitise! – Providing customers and employees with multiple hand wash and sanitise stations is a must! In communal areas within the business ensure that hand sanitiser dispensers are fully stocked and readily accessible. Award Leisure opted for the motion censor activated dispensers, this is another way to reduce the passing of germs. Again, visual guides that show customers exactly where the hand washing stations are is another way to show that your business is complying to regulations and doing everything you can to make sure they are safe.

Improve Ventilation and Disinfect Surfaces – Implement a more rigorous cleaning routine, ensure time is taken throughout the day to regularly disinfect surfaces such as work tops and handles. These are commonly used surfaces used by everyone in the workplace. Improving ventilation is another great way to make people feel more stress free – opening windows and doors allow more fresh air into spaces meaning people are not breathing recycled air.

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Over the course of the last 4 months, there has been many regulations and guideline changes that businesses and the public have had to adhere to. Being prepared for things to change and communicating change well with your employees and customers is the best way to make your business a safer place.

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