A recent study shows that only 40% of people are happy at work! Leaving an outstanding 60% of people unhappy. With the average working person spending nearly 40 hours per week at work – this is shocking. Read below on why you should change career in 2020!

Our exclusive franchise opportunity is a chance for a motivated, driven and aspiring entrepreneur to make money whilst being their own boss. Becoming an Award Leisure franchisee is the perfect opportunity to leave your boring 9-5 lifestyle. Why should you change your career?

Financial Reward! – The Award Leisure franchise opportunity offers a return on investment within year 1. With 40% profit margins and an exclusive product range you can expect a very healthy income. Our entire franchise network has exceeded their sales targets in year one and 2019 saw a record breaking year with every store beating its sales record. Its time! Contact us and arrange a no commitment meeting to find out more and see for yourself the luxury leisure lifestyle.  

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A New Challenge – An Award Leisure franchise is the chance to try something new, no previous business experience is needed. The Award Leisure team provide ongoing support and training meaning our franchisees can focus on the challenge ahead! Are you being challenged in your current job role?   


Passion – Does your passion lie elsewhere? If you’re part of the 60% of people who are unhappy at work – the likelihood is you’re not passionate about your career path. We are looking for franchisees that are passionate about the products they’re selling and passionate about the leisure industry. Do you enjoy Hot Tubs, Saunas and Outdoor Leisure? Click here to view the exclusive Award Leisure product range – Get inspired today!

We understand that changing your career can be intimidating, the reason why 60% of unhappy people don’t make a change is because they are comfortable. The comfort zone is the enemy of progress, Albert Einstein famously said ‘’A ship is safe at shore – but that is not what its built for’’. If you are looking for a business venture but don’t want to take the risks of normal endeavour then a franchise is perfect for you – contact us to find out more.

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