With gender equality acts been passed over half a century ago, gender discrimination is still present in workplace in the form of pay gaps, preferential treatment and much more!

Huge steps have been made in recent years to improve female equality in the workplace, however it is still a big problem and shames society as a whole that it is still present. Award Leisure are passionate about all forms of equality and diversity within the workplace, See the below image of our Company Treasurer and National Sales Manager at the recent Family Business Awards! We take pride in having gender equality at all levels of the business all the way up to the top! Read below our top tips on stamping out gender discrimination. 

Commitment! & Mentor-ship

The first step is to have a fully committed workforce, primarily the managerial staff. All managers within the organisation must have training on gender equality. Are you trained on gender equality? Subtle discrimination is hugely present within workplaces today and sometimes isn’t intentional, being trained on the importance of this will allow you to prevent it from happening!

Having a mentor with experience is very beneficial to overcome any problems that arise in not only your professional life but your personal life as well. Speaking to someone that has been through similar experiences is available in lots of workplaces, mentor-ship programmes are becoming a lot more common and are proven to make a big impact. Campaigns such as #MeToo have given women a louder voice in tackling and raising awareness about current obstacles. 

Transparency and Loud

Having an organisation that is transparent keeps employees in the loop. Whether this be positive or negative transparency, it allows employees to understand the company’s policies and expectations. For example if there are any cases of gender discrimination, this will be noted by the whole organisation and action will be taken as that it what’s expected. Not having gender pay gaps is something that all employees need to be aware of as studies have shown they are still very common. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

The work culture in a modern day business should have zero tolerance of any form of gender discrimination. The management staff have a responsibility to not only stop harassment but to identify it in the first place as many cases go unheard of. Having zero tolerance will boost the team cohesion and productivity of staff as they will be working in a much happier environment. Making everyone aware of the seriousness of discrimination is a great place to start.

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