After being employed for over 30 years, Simon Baggaley decided it was time to take control on his career and take the plunge to fulfil his lifelong dream in becoming his own boss. Simon become an Award Leisure Franchisee in 2017 and has exceeded his sales targets every year! 2020 looks to be a ground-breaking year for Award Leisure Birmingham.

Award Leisure had a fantastic 2019 the average ticket price was £8,300. Along with this, Award Leisure Birmingham also had there most successful year to date. This growth means that Simon is looking to take on more territory in the coming years and expand his business with full support of Award Leisure.

Simon was attracted to Award Leisure because of his love for hot tubs and he firmly believed that to make a success out of a business you should be passionate about what you do. As a former Sales Director of a Solar Energy Company, he has a real passion for the environment and energy saving products. Award Leisure’s product portfolio includes Hot Tubs and Portable Swim Spas, these all include industry leading ‘full foam’ insulation. This insulation has been proven to save consumers money on running costs and can be used in both warm and cold climates to retain the temperature of the water.

Becoming your own boss includes management of your own staff. Since becoming an Award Leisure franchisee Simon has created a small work force that help to manage the everyday operations of the business.  “I love working in small teams and now I will have the chance to build a team around me. Franchising itself interested me to get the benefit of a Franchisor’s experience and to hit the ground running” – Simon Baggaley.

As an Award Leisure franchisee Simon proudly says that ‘‘it’s the most fun I’ve had at work in 20 years’’. Be inspired by Simons story – make a change to your career in 2020 and reap the rewards that follow!

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