What does it entail? 

As the UK climate is getting warmer, far more people are looking to spend more time outdoors. With the garden leisure market now worth billions, its sector is projected to grow as the increased number of people look to spend time outdoors. Award Leisure franchise aim to help create the magical leisure lifestyle experience for consumers to share with friends and family in the comfort if their own home.

As this is a management franchise, no previous industry experience is necessary. If you have a sales or management background, or the ability to network, engage and develop strong business relationships, as well as having the drive and passion to grow the business in your chosen territory – you would be ideally suited to running an Award Leisure franchise.

Residual value, referrals and repeat business is generated from developing strong client relationships through service contracts, and with the help of internal marketing systems and Head Office support, this enables all franchise businesses a profitable long-term future, sales growth and customer excitement.

Award Leisure Franchise provide business owners with comprehensive training in the company’s technical systems, retail strategy, sales methods, product knowledge, software applications, admin and accounts. Award Leisure’s head office team work directly with you to ensure your business has the best possible chance of success and meet any challenge you may face in your new business.

So, are you ready for something different?

We are looking for like-minded, passionate, hardworking and driven people to join with us in partnership to become an Award Leisure franchisee.

  With over 6,000 customers in our portfolio to date, we recognise how in demand our products and services are. Especially if delivered with our processes and to our high standards. We aim to help customers create a magical leisure lifestyle experience to share with their friends and family – all in the comfort of their own home.

Franchise benefits

  • 100% proven turn-key strategy to reduce risk
  • Carefully chosen portfolio of luxury products with unique selling features
  • Year-on-year increasing consumer demand
  • Performance driven incentives
  • Customer management systems
  • Unique lead generation
  • Marketing Support
  • Ongoing training
  • Multiple franchise locations encouraged


“Our turn-key strategy is 100% proven with our carefully chosen portfolio of luxury products, unique selling features and year-on-year increasing demand, we have a ready-made recipe for your success. Award Leisure offer a unique proposition – making money and having fun – isn’t that what you are looking for in a franchise? 

– Mark Anthony, Managing Director of Award Leisure


What to do next

 If you want to know more about becoming an Award Leisure franchisee, email leads@awardleisurefranchise.co.uk or call 08081681680. We will then send you a brochure on the franchise proposition giving you all the information you need. We also offer discovery days throughout the year to visit one of our stores and meet the team! This is a perfect opportunity to see a franchise in action and ask any questions you need to.  

Jessica Anthony

Development Manager for Award Leisure Franchise; offering luxury hot tubs swim spas & outdoor leisure products.
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