We are very proud to announce that our Franchise Development Manager has successfully become a QFP (Qualified Franchise Professional). She received her certificate and accreditation at the 2019 BFA HSBC Annual conference, where she gained her final points needed to qualify!

To become a QFP you need to be an existing member of the BFA. The British Franchise Association is the only self-accrediting body for the UK franchise sector. Its aim is to promote ethical franchising practice in the UK and help the industry develop credible and influential growth. The Qualified Franchise Professional title is the formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It demonstrates that you understand the complexities of, and best practice in, franchising and have invested time to continuously develop your understanding.

To gain this qualification you need to have achieved 3000 points over a 3-year time frame by attending various events, specialist seminars and franchise forums as well as study and participate in the 5 core element training days that the BFA host. These included:

5 Areas that are required to become a QFP

  • bfa Annual Conference: 1.5 days, 500 points
  • How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performance: 2 days, 500 points
  • How to Market Your Franchise and Recruit for Network Growth: 2 days, 500 points
  • How to Motivate Franchisees: 1 day, 250 points
  • How to Monitor Franchisee Performance: 1 day, 250 points

As you can see, to become a QFP you need to cover a wide range of material and gain knowledge in all these areas. Along with attending these events the individual will also need to complete coursework and attend a professional dialogue sit down in front of the Chair of the QFP Expert Panel and BFA board members.

Jessica becoming a QFP at the BFA Awards 2019

Here is our Franchise Development Manager collecting her award at the BFA  conference. Jessica will retain her QFP status by continuing to attend industry related events, maintaining 600 points annually, this will increase her learning, knowledge and contribution to successful and ethical franchising.

If you’re interested in joining our brand as an Award Leisure Franchisee, Get in touch with us for a friendly chat or take a look at our Franchise Brochure to get started on your exciting new adventure!

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