You’ve decided that you want a different direction in your life and career. You have probably done your homework on what opportunities are out there, so it is likely that you may have come across buying into a franchise and becoming a franchisee. Now, you need to find a franchise and concept that suits your personal and professional requirements and gets you excited. Where do you look to find such opportunities?

It can be daunting and confusing to start with. There are so many routes to discovering franchises! We have compiled the best places to look to discover potential exciting opportunities.

Franchise Exhibitions

Franchise exhibitions are very useful when you are in the early stages of understanding what industry and market you would like to operate a business. Franchise exhibitions offer a variety of all kinds of franchise businesses – each exhibitor is dedicated to their franchise and wants to talk to potential clients about how their franchise operates, the support and training programme they offer as well as the investment costs associated. This way, you can get an understanding as to if such a concept excites you and whether you can afford it.

It is worth mentioning there are different exhibitions across the UK which operate, some which are accredited by the BFA and some which are not. BFA accredited exhibitions give you the extra peace of mind knowing that each franchisor has been through a vigorous interview and review process to ensure that such a business is well equipped and eligible to support, guide and offer a successful franchise model.

There are five bfa-accredited exhibitions each year; with four very good reasons to visit:

  1. The only UK exhibitions where ALL exhibitors are accredited, putting the standard of franchise quality at the forefront.
  2. Free franchise finance clinic offering impartial, independent advice on the different ways to raise investment for a franchise.
  3. A wide range of seminars offering objective advice on becoming a franchisee or franchisor, featuring real-life stories with some of the UK’s top franchise experts.
  4. Free entry!

Visiting a franchise exhibition can give you insight into what business you want to run

Franchise Directories

Directories offer a wide range of franchises from with varying levels of investment. These are a good initial portal to read up on the many franchises out there. You can identify what different companies offer such as support, training, set up and what is covered in the initial costs.

You should also be able to view the potential earnings and profit over the years. You may find on the businesses profiles that some franchises provide more details than others to entice you to enquire for more information.

By enquiring to the franchises that interest you, you should receive more information in the form of an email, phone call or brochure sent through the post. This will help give more details to assist and support your research into choosing the right business for you.

Franchise Directories have a huge range of available franchises on file


Do not underestimate the power of google!

It is one of the strongest tools right now in the world to help us find out what we need to know. Most franchise companies will be advertising their website online, and most likely advertising via Google.

A franchise website should provide a high level of detail into what their franchise proposition entails. How it works, how to start up, how they support and guide and how to become successful doing what they do. They will also include a contact form or page to gain further details or book a discovery day to meet the franchisor or development manage and gain a deeper insight to better relate to owning and running your very own franchise.

Search terms to google are dependent on the interested sector or industry: Retail franchises in the UK, Management Franchises in the UK, Luxury Leisure Franchisees in the UK, Garden Leisure Franchise.

If you know what industry or sector business you would prefer to work in, use that search term: Hot Tub Franchise, Automotive Franchise or Coffee Franchise in the UK.

Get as specific as you can when searching for your ideal franchise

By knowing where to look for your perfect franchise, you can make an informed decision and commit to the right franchise model for you.

If you want to know more about starting your own luxury outdoor leisure franchise, take a look at our Free Brochure here or get in touch with us to start your new, exciting adventure.

Jessica Anthony

Development Manager for Award Leisure Franchise; offering luxury hot tubs swim spas & outdoor leisure products.
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