With millions of people having to work from home during these unprecedented times, Award Leisure want to offer our insight on how YOU can work remotely and still be successful and productive. See our top tips below to ensure you can complete your work at home whilst still looking after your physical and mental health!
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Setting boundaries and a clear working station is really important to ensure you can be as productive as possible. Set yourself up for success! Start work the same time you would arrive at the office and use your commute time for something productive rather than staying in bed. Award Leisure staff have used this free time to exercise – lots of influencers are currently releasing daily fitness videos to help the nation stay healthy during the quarantine!

Starting the day right also includes washing and getting dressed everyday before work. Working in pyjamas will do nothing positive for your mental state – getting dressed will prepare you for the day ahead and break up your day into the usual areas. Dressing more formally during the working hours for video call with staff members is a great way to set boundaries and continue to work as normal.

Take regular breaks! Whilst working from home this is really important. You shouldn’t be sat at your computer screen all day, taking regular breaks to eat, exercise and go outside just like you would at work. Small frequent breaks away from your work station will boost your productivity and leave you feeling refreshed.

Staying connected with colleagues should be a huge part of working from home. Have regular check ins with other staff members to help stay focused and organised within departments. Working with managers to create ‘to do’ lists and manage group projects is also a big part of staying connected. Award Leisure management are having daily phone calls with their staff to stay connected and maintain the work relationship. Social calls like weekly coffee morning are a great way for everyone to stay in communication and help each other through the current times.

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The most important tip for working from home is to make a daily routine and stick to it! This may sound trivial but its essential in looking after your mental health. If you typically work hours from 9-5 then keep these hours at home. It’s easy to lose track of time and if you can’t stick to a typical work-life balance, you may find yourself getting easily burnt out.

During these times our Award Leisure head office is still in full operation and fully supporting the franchise network. Our franchisees are still making sales, collecting spas and working through this tough time. If you want to find out more about the Award Leisure Franchise opportunity then visit the links below!

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