The regular use of a sauna has massive wellness benefits ranging from increased brain health to faster recovery. In modern times, most new gym and fitness centres include a sauna within their facility. Just a few minutes a day is all that’s needed to help you relax, unwind and mentally emerge yourself to be ready for the day ahead.

Award Leisure franchisees offer a range of high quality out outdoor leisure products, including Saunas. With popularity and demand for these products constantly increasing, now has never been a better time to become a part of the outdoor leisure community.

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Similar to Hot Tubs, our Sauna range offers a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. Read our Hot Tub health benefits blog here!

Aiding in recovery in one of the main uses of Saunas, the release of endorphins helps to minimise joint and muscle soreness from physical activity. Heat bathing increases blood flow meaning cuts and bruises are able to heal quicker. The extreme heats of Saunas also promote muscle relaxation and the elimination of lactic acid. All these critical health benefits are followed by the flushing of toxins within the body – due to the heat of the Sauna your body temperature rises and creates a deep sweat. This sweat will detoxify your body from the toxins absorbed in your daily environments.

The mental health benefits are also huge! – regular use of a Sauna stimulates a deeper sleep, which in addition release endorphins making you feel better. They are also known to help fight and prevent illness such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, this stems from regular deep sweating. As well as this, regular hot bathing relieves stress by releasing endorphins which are the body’s natural happy hormone. All these benefits are fantastic but the simplest health benefits of Saunas are…they make you feel great! Regular use allows you to feel better, look better and sleep better!

Award Leisure saunas come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and are made from premium cedar wood. Our franchisees enjoy selling these products to their customers because they are suitable for all climates and truly pose some fantastic benefits.

Along with Saunas, our franchise network offers a wide array of products including Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Pizza Ovens. If you are looking for a new business endeavour and are passionate about outdoor leisure products – enquire today and find our more! With 35 years of experience Award Leisure are here to support you every step of the way.  – hot tub retail franchise market statistics – buying a retail franchise case study – award leisure hot tub retail franchise model – contact award leisure franchise for information on buying a retail franchise

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