When you think of a franchisor, what comes to mind?

If you thought professional, enthusiastic, leader, innovative, creative, supportive, motivating – You would be right! As a franchisor you must go above and beyond to encourage your franchisees and inspire their growth and ambition in the business. Working and managing all franchisees with different territories and demands, franchisors find themselves tailoring their relationship based on how to best meet the needs and expectations of their franchise partners.

Here are our 3 pillars which we believe make a Great Franchisor!

Good Communication

You’ll be working closely with your franchise ambassadors, so having a good communication channel is vital. Ensure that you notify them on all changes that impact their business as soon as possible. A great way to implement new processes is by detailing to your franchise partners the benefits of this change and to have a support structure in place, so should franchisees have questions or queries you have a communication channel which is effective aiding a quick response. Franchisees will feel more valued and appreciated, rather than chasing for that peace of mind they are seeking.

Keep communication channels open with franchisees

However, it is very important to keep a professional communication level so that communication is not mis-read. Being direct with business associates is essential so they have a clear and firm understanding. Transparency also has a very key part to play in communication. Being transparent is what builds trust between a franchisor and a franchisee. If you are very open and honest you will gain loyalty and respect a lot faster.


Asserting leadership as a franchisor is very important. It is your prerogative to ensure that all franchisees are following processes and procedures in order to be successful. Should issues occur, it is the franchisors duty to enforce the agreement and policies to protect the brand as well as other franchisees.

The franchisor is the one with the experience and expertise in their business field and market. They will have evaluated the risk, returns and pitfalls of all decisions but will choose directions which will only be beneficial to the overall growth, brand and franchise network. This is important to uphold throughout.

It is vital that as Franchisor, you are sharing the overall company’s mission, vision and objectives with all the franchise network. This is to empower your ambassadors and keep them engaged and focused on the plan.

Being a great franchisor is about leading your franchisees to success

The franchisee has bought into your brand and concept, they are representing your business and your name so it’s crucial they are doing everything by the book. It’s the franchisors job to be a leader and make sure this is happening at every step.

Consistency & Support

Having a good support structure in place for franchisees helps to boost your ambassador’s confidence and growth. It is important that to be successful, franchisors understand the benefits to mentoring your franchise partners in specific business operations to improve efficiency and achieve higher results. This also helps build a successful network.

Being consistent in your job role as a franchisor enables your franchises to be successful by following your example. Demonstrating the highest standards as well as sharing best practice on how you do this, so that all franchisees can replicate is the key.

Supporting your franchisees is a pillar of being a great franchisor

Here at Award Leisure we follow these principles and try our best to support, lead and communicate with our franchisees. No matter how small or big the issue is, it’s always great to help solve, encourage and motive to best guide our franchisees to success. 

If you’re interested in being part of a growing National brand selling luxury outdoor leisure products with a solid, successful franchise model, Get in Touch with us to start your exciting journey!

Jessica Anthony

Development Manager for Award Leisure Franchise; offering luxury hot tubs swim spas & outdoor leisure products.
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